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    lirtydies, Al Stanley

    I never intended to reject totally the use of phonics.  Rather, I wanted to point out that Mercer rejected "whole language" as one of his key accomplishments, bragging that the board gave the teachers a "well deserved spanking."  See my other post on phonics, where I maintain that a good teacher uses every possible tool.  

    We had two daughters, and one seemed to be able to use phonics, while the other was definitely a "whole language" kind of learner. From our limited experience with our two daughters, it seemed to have something to do with a learner's propensity for taking risks or learning something gradually, step-by-step, versus the kind of learner who wants the certainty of simply recognizing or memorizing a whole word. Both girls ended up being voracious readers.

    I'm not a reading specialist, and I would certainly listen to a wide variety of specialists in the field before I made any decisions about curriculum.  I just don't believe it has to be either-or in this particular arena.

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