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View Diary: The real reasons the Republicans don't support HCR legislation (Hint: 1993) (15 comments)

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    but I believe it's more sinister than that.
    I agree with you that the Republican would rather run the economy and the American people into the ground than assist a Democratic president, but I don't think they give a damn about the healthcare proposals that some of their members proposed in 1993.
    If they gave a damn, the Republicans would have pushed it themselves during W's reign.
    The current make-up of the GOP is so far to the Right that no reform is their goal. They only work for corporations and God - and in that order.
    I believe the fight for Environmental reforms will be even tougher than healthcare reform.  People like James Imhofe work for Big Oil and at the same time believe that only God can bring the end of times.
    That's a nasty combo.

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