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View Diary: Scott Brown : Help me defeat Rachel Maddow (110 comments)

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  •  Brown was elected to defeat things (14+ / 0-)

    Does he think the government is there for anything else?  Is he just there to knock down Democratic ideas and people?

    Rachel talked about this "Clarifying Moment" last night on her show-- the best thing she's ever done, IMHO:


    Do you want a government that does something, or don't you? When you look back at the legacy of government doing stuff, of establishing Medicare, and social security, and government protection of civil rights. Do you regret that or do you think that's not regrettable, that the government did right when it did those things?

    Republicans are banking on the American people regretting that legacy. Democrats are banking on the American people thinking we got those big things right, and we can get other big things right, too.

    It's a big choice. It's never been clearer in my life. "Hell, no you can't." or "Yes, we can."

    Either we can and should, or we can't and shouldn't. The debate has never been more clear.

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