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  •  I'm a worse farmer, but I must point out the (1+ / 0-)
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    party system in the US was built when we were still an agricultural economy, and have evolved through the industrial and technological ages.

    The trouble is, in a nation as large as ours, the only way to get anything done is for citizens to band together to push policies, projects and agenda; that's a party without the name.

    The system breaks down when one or both sides decide that the system is no longer worth maintaining, and wishes to grab exclusive control of the government. It happened in 1864 and it's been happening again at least since 1992.

    The failure of the news media to question, confront and explain politicians and what they are doing has added to the gridlock. And the citizens haven't helped by buying into the no-nothing agenda of the right wingnuts.

    Any political system will fail when the people stop participating and believing in the system. Parliamentary systems actually fail faster than has the US in these conditions. The UK is an exception because it's not Parliament, but the crown that holds them together.

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