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View Diary: GOPer fund-raiser email has best arguments against HCR (86 comments)

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  •  Focus only on the elements that affect U.S. jobs (0+ / 0-)

    Because that's what a fair number of independents are going to do.

    I.e. who cares if plastic surgery is 5% more expensive.

    OTOH, if U.S. makers of FDA Class I and commodity-Class-II medical devices (now subject to a 2.3%, not 2.9%, excise tax per the Reconciliation changes) are now cost- and price-uncompetitive against outside-U.S. makers for sales to outside-U.S. distributors and large end users, and sales to inside-U.S. buying groups and hospitals who are large enough to buy directly from outside-U.S. makers and thus will escape the importation tax that is worded to be charged against the importer's re-sale revenue on the assumption that the importer is a distributor...then U.S. makers of such commodity devices are screwed, and the manufacturing jobs they provide are in big trouble.

    There will of course be shorter versions of that pitch, more amenable to soundbites...describing the program as a manufacturing job killer. The problem is, that accusation appears at present to be true, insofar as our people can tell.

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