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    What we need to do is to have Rep. Alan Grayson put together another chart showing everyone just how these fiscally responsible senators got us into the mess.  I know, Mr. Grayson isn't a senator (yet) but he does make such lovely charts.  And they make sooooo much sense out of reality.  And if congress calls for an apology, I know he'll come up with a real tummy tickler.  Those repugs are dimwits.  The bigger problem they have is that think we are the dimwits.  What a rude awakening they will get this November.  Impeach Devil Nunez CA21.  Someone call Jesus Gamboa and ask him to run in CA21.  Gamboa could give Nunez 100 I.Q. points and Nunez still find his way out of a paper bag.  What a butthead.

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