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  •  Social security (4.00)
    The AARP is against changing SS . I think they had a come to jesus minute after they lost over 68,000 members over the medicare mess that was passed. The Democratic party better get it together and expose all the lies that we are about to be hit with for the next 6 months.
    Rove and the Repucks will not be happy until they dismantle ever thing the Democratic party ever put together. They will do and say anything to achieve a 1 party system for this country.
    •  One down one to go (none)
      They already have a one party system.
    •  Where was AARP (none)
      during the presidential campaign?  Why weren't they fighting this last fall?  I live in Germany and was tracking the election the whole time but I didn't see Bush plugging the Social Security privatization plan.  I remember him mentioning this in one of the debates but that was it.  I about fell out of my chair when he said he had a mandate and he was going to do this.  Why didn't the democratic campaign fight this?  According to both sets of exit polls, the real ones and the adjusted ones to match the election results, Bush did well in the Seniors age group yet polls show now that about two-thirds of this age group are against Social Security privatization.  

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