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  •  Social Security = Insurance from elderly poverty, (none)
    especially elderly women, and minimal protection for the average Joe and Jane Doe from the risks associated with free market economies and globalization.

    The GOP wants to kick grandma to the curb and strip away any minimal protection keeping you from ending up on the curb due to their holy free market economy.  

    Look, if we as a nation want free markets fine, but there has to be a safety net to give people a bit of dignity and protection in their old age if they ended up a casualty of the our free market economy.

    Remember, the Ken Lay's of the GOP destroyed the retirement funds of thousands upon thousands of workers through their corruption...

    Remember that many companies no longer offer pensions...

    Remember that of the pension plans that do still exist many are underfunded and Congress is allowing them to remain underfunded (which will lead to a pension bailout that rivals the S&L bailout that the Bush family is oh so familiar with via Neil "Hookers and Gin" Bush )...

    It is immoral to deep-six Social Security.  The GOP is playing with people's lives and they think it is all a f-ing game.  

    As for the ads attacking the GOP's stupidity and callousness, just show pictures of the Depression, maybe find a few people who actually remember it, and show that we have SS to prevent the poverty that occurred as a result of the depression.

    If people need fear to motivate them, then make them fear that if they allow BushCo to get away with this bullshit they will be relegated to eating Friskies in their old age while fat cat Repubs dine on caviar and prime rib at their expense.

    Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. -- Robert F. Kennedy

    by LionelEHutz on Wed Jan 12, 2005 at 09:05:21 PM PST

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