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  •  Divide and Conquer (none)
    The Bushmeisters know how to divide and conquer.

    They tell those who are on it that their Social Security won't be changed and the younger ones that it won't be there for them and that is how they take away the incentives for them to fight against changing it.

    They are also telling the black males that they die two years sooner than the whites and so it is unfair to them.  They tell them their life expectancy is 67 and then they talk about raising the retirement age to 70. I have read that blacks draw more of the disability so that averages out to where it is fair.

    The Bushies are all over the place on how long the whites live.  I have heard them say 77 and differnt ages up to 84. I think they just say whatever it takes to win.

    Maybe we could have a phone number ready to give to the elderly we know and ask them to call and tell them to leave it alone.

    And we can talk to the younger generation too. It is better for them to have social security too.  That is something that they can count on.

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