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  •  If the Bush (4.00)
    administration actually believed in democracy, I might buy "mideast democratization" as the motivation for someone in his administration--but I don't.  [I suppose Powell might still believe in democracy].  Everything else about this administration easily supports the notion that they believe in and desire totalitarianism.  Democracy is just an abused word to cloak what they really want, which is total control.
    •  I have to agree... (none)
      ...the Bush administration doesn't give a shit about democracy. Besides, they never planned to install a democracy. They planned to install a puppet government and call it a democracy. There was some tri-angulation with regard to motive but it was mainly about the oil in terms of controlling it and cutting out the middleman. They then figured, since might makes right in their minds, they could strengthen Israel by weakening the middle east. Oh, what a pipe dream.
      No wonder they fight the war on drugs. They are the people who most require them.

      Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it. -Tom Paine

      by Alumbrados on Wed Jan 12, 2005 at 07:33:42 PM PST

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      •  When wingnuts talk about "democracy" (4.00)
        they really mean "free markets."  This had been the case throughout the Cold War (legitimate elections producing a leftist government in Iran or Nicaragua were never called "democratic").  Establishing free markets was clearly a major goal in Iraq (with frenzied privatization of everything).

        When Bush talks about fighting for freedom, and liberty, he may actually mean it - after all, the only people he actually comes into contact with are the investing class.  Someone has to make the world safe for capital.

        •  Nuance (none)
          Privatization is not quite "free markets."

          Free markets let anyone compete. Depending on how it is implemented, privatization can institute free markets or it could simply transfer some exclusive rights to specific franchisees.

          Business lobbyists will demand free markets as a matter of ideology, but actual businesses generally prefer to have "barriers to entry," particularly when those barriers are written into law.

          Government-by-lobby does not help "business," it just helps the specific enterprises paying the pipers.

          Whatever one's views of open competition, the cronyism we have today is worse, because it moves economic power into the control of favored parties.

          •  Free Markets (4.00)
            ...means "free from any oversight or regulation".  Allowing those with power and money to retain it by any means necessary, without any protection for ordinary citizens that may be harmed.

            Without any regulations, there's no worry about competion, or someone else gaining entry into the market.  They're simply crushed before they can get started.

    •  asdf (none)
      stop giving powell credit. he had an "in" on the most incompetent, corrupt, ideologically screwed up administration we've ever had to suffer under, and did jack and squat. instead of standing and being counted, he failed America, and posed as a bloody token with the Saud 43 imperial junta.

      Powell, frankly, makes me sicker than Bush. Bush is an evil scumbag. Powell knew better. Colin goes down in the halls of shame forever.

      Of course, that means Jeb will give him a Freedom Medal if they steal the WH again in 2008.

    •  actually... (none)
      Powell is the only one who doesn't believe in Democracy. Powell is the realist in the adminstration who values stability over democracy.

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