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  •  Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove & political CBA (none)
    Just my impression, but my take is that the incompetency of the conduct of the war can be traced to the connection between

    Rove's take that the war would have political benefits,

    Cheney's take that our troops would be met with hugs and knowledge that an upfront assessment of hugely high costs (whether he believed them necessary or not) would be unnacceptable to Americans, and

    Rumsfeld's eagerness to use a light force and run the war on the cheap.

    All these factors went into the cost benefit analysis hopper, i.e., how many casualties, how much money can be spent, assets wasted before it becomes too politically expensive to go to and conduct the war.  

    Their problem is in their initial precept that we would be welcomed coupled with Rumsfeld's miserly conduct of the war.  

    Everything points to the calculated assessment that BushCo would benefit politically and economically without having to spend more than they reaped in political and economic capital.  They were so sold on this method of waging the war, they lacked the flexibility to adapt their plans to reality.  This was evident to Clark as he sat next to Aaron Brown during the "race to Baghdad" and evident to anyone who watched with dismay as the country was looted after we took "control."  

    In my mind, the Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove "brain trust" so sold themselves on the neocon idea of the war, were so sold on their approach, they were unable to change in midstream and could only hold their breath and hope for the best.  And remember, there is no draft, so this war is not hitting home in the same manner as Vietnam.  It's not your kid, it's the kid of a friend of a friend of a co-worker getting killed.  Any institution of a draft at this point is a sure sign that the BushCo machine is still so sold on their ultimate goals that they are willing to sacrifice Bush's legacy and the Republican's future to achieve their ends.  


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