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    The only question you have to ask in order to find the answer to why we invaded Iraq is:

    Would we have sent 150,000 kids into harm's way and spent 200 billion plus dollars if Iraq didnt have oil?

    Every other reason, no matter how well thought out is in service of the only important reason. Every media outlet,person who hasnt spoken out on this is complicit.

    Even with the announcement of no WMD; you havent heard national media making a major stink over this because the Bushies have bought them off with allowing them to expand their conglomerates in addition to the multi nationals having the greatest influence over our civilization since oil was made to be a major resource. Every war, conflict,coup d'etat in every country that had oil as a resource was created by the multi nationals. They are bigger and more influential than any government.

    I would love to have the real puppeteers of the Iraq solution; that is the people who have devised the false intelligence, the orders to the neo cons etc. to be on our side because they are the strategic thinkers of our times; albeit nefarious.

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