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    What need do we have to do so? I mean really. The oil will come if we don't fuck around too much. Besides being immoral and imperial and guaranteeing that are country will not be liked, I think such a policy could ultimately be counterproductive to our material interests as a nation.

    Ben P

    The United States has a conservative political culture defending a liberal heritage. The modern Republican Party's problem is that it is neither.

    by Ben P on Thu Jan 13, 2005 at 10:28:46 AM PST

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    •  Why I'm occasionally ambivalent... (none)
      I think our need to have some presence there is twofold.  One is the oil.  If the ME were to be turned off tomorrow, no one would be hurt more than us.  We are horrible over-consumers of oil, and the ME becoming unavailable to us would mean $5/gal gas, which would be a big blow to our lifestyle.  (Though some days, I think I'm prepared to sustain this blow.)  #2, recall that we have armed to the teeth the Saudis.  If the people of Saudi Arabia were to gain control of those weapons, they would use them to bomb Isreal back to biblical times, that is if any of them won't reach New York.  There is a huge pool of US-hatred there that really was only exasperated by GWB.  I'm not sure that some sort of conflict there isn't already inevitable, and having some forward bases there is probably desirable.

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