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    I don't doubt that all Arab States were secretly funding suicide bombers, but remember when Rumsfeld said to Richard Pearle that There are no good targets in Afghanistan, there are good targets in Iraq?  

    Also, remember his comment that you don't fight with the army you have, but the army you've got.  A corrolary would be "you don't start conquering the world by invading the country you want, but by invading the country that's the easiest."

    The more I read about all of these reasons for the war on DKos, the more I see how appealing it was to so many bad people.  Although conspiracy theories are appealing, they presume a kind of complete control from the top and obedience through all the ranks.  Even with a Bush White House, the federal government is too big and has too many built-in conflicts to have complete obedience.  Instead, it seems more logical to me that different people got behind Iraq for slightly different reasons.
        If you're going to conquer the Middle East, what better place?  
        If you're going to improve Israel's safety, what better place?  
        If you're going to take control of the world's old supply, what better place?  

    Suspend your faith in morality, the rule of law, and human nature.  Then focus solely on spreading American political and economic power around the world.  Iraq made perfect sense.

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