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  •  Whata the Right has forgotten about the founding (3+ / 0-)

    fathers and coming here to get away from religious persecution, is that when they got here, a number of the colonies put in their own persecutions, Plymouth v. Massachusetts Bay Colony, original Rhode Island, Maryland, and the like. There was a good bit in those days of eviction of religious dissidents. Some witch hanging. Somehow, I am sure they are not adopting that part of our very early history. Or maybe they intentionally are without mentioning it. The problem of "history" is, of course, that it is edited, and we consider it virtuous in a certain percentage of cases those we would not if the rest of the story was present.

    •  They don't want to talk about it. If it was (1+ / 0-)
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      Christians doing the persecuting back then--it doesn't get a mention, except maybe parenthetically, and only if an alert audience member calls you out on it.

      It doesn't matter that history shows us New World Christians fleeing from persecution of other New World Christians...what matters is: "We (whichever conservative evangelical Christians are speaking at the moment) would not do anything like that, because we are the victims, even when we are the ones doing the persecuting, or condoning slavery."

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