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  •  sadly, probably all true (0+ / 0-)

    as to the quote from the 18th Brumaire, i tried floating it in front of 2 literate audiences in the past two weeks, and not a soul knew who had said it. Two people were sure it was Woody Allen, and it well may be. It is also the title of Zizek's new book, I believe (oh never mind).
    The 18th brumaire was about how people wind up supporting political candidates against their own interests, basically.

    The rest of the quote is quite famous too (off the top of my head:)

    Men make history, but not precisely as they choose; the traditions of all the dead generations weigh lie a nightmare on the brain of the living.

    <Sigh> thus gooserock is likely correct.
    would that isabelle hayes also be right; but the scotus cannot be "overruled."

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