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View Diary: Can Georgia Democrat Regina Thomas Hold Blue Dog John Barrow Accountable This Year? (26 comments)

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  •  Don't know a thing about Lester Jackson (0+ / 0-)

    (the state senator you refer to), other than what the CQ Politics has to say (via mydd: recent days, there has been increased speculation about a possible primary bid by state Sen. Lester Jackson. . .

    Along with his work in the state legislature, Jackson, who is black, is a dentist and a Democratic national committeeman. Jackson was a champion of the health care bill in his home state and worked to rally support for the legislation.

    Under one scenario, Jackson’s entry into the primary would allow Thomas — who was never a strong fundraiser during her 2008 run and had less than $5,000 on hand at the end of 2009 — to drop out of the congressional contest and run for her old state Senate seat. That would allow Jackson to consolidate the support of black voters, who are expected to make up nearly two-thirds of the Democratic primary electorate in the 12th district this summer.

    McArdle, John (2010-3-25). Vote Provokes Barrow Primary Talk. CQ Politics. Retrieved on 2010-3-27.

    So would this other guy be a more electable Democrat but one who's bad on the politics, like an Artur Davis?  That's worth finding out:  just because he supported HCR - not a progressive piece of legislation - doesn't preclude him from being a Blue Dog-type.  

    However, what we DO know about Thomas - her poor fundraising - suggests that looking for other options might be a good idea.  

    The fundraising numbers for Regina Thomas indicate she doesn't have the "fire in the belly" needed to win the primary, much less the general.  She raised only $100K last time around (FEC report) and through 12/31/09, just $11K overall for her 2010 campaign (FEC report).  Nobody who's getting out there and doing events and who's dialing for dollars like they need to is going to have that little money.

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