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  •  As an old Union man (2+ / 0-)
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    This is the most insulting diary I've ever read. Oh I read the Democratic bloggers making this president's stalling for management sound like it is John McCain's fault but "Stepping Up?"

    Could there be just a little tiny dose of reality for the workers who broke their asses getting Obama elected? You are actually going to frame this with "the President has stepped up" after the Chief Justice of the Supreme court practically asked the man to grow a pair of balls last week?  

    NEAL KATYAL, DEPUTY SOLICITOR GENERAL: They were named in July of last year. They were voted out of committee in October. One of them had a hold and had to be renominated. That renomination took place. There was a failed quorum -- a failed cloture vote in February. And so all three nominations are pending. And I think that underscores the general contentious nature of the appointment process with respect to this set of issues.

    CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: And the recess appointment power doesn't work why?

    Slink you wrote this;

    These cases might be saved because of the recess appointments that President Obama made with Becker and Peace to the National Labor Relations Board. The obstructionism of the Republicans left President Obama with no choice but to act swiftly by appointing these people.

    There is no indication that I can find that those case might be saved because of the recess appointments. It can prevent the court from eliminating the NLRB that has functioned since the days of FDR but close to 600 cases may be thrown out. If thrown out, with a quorum the NLRB will be able to hear them again but that is not saving, that's starting over.

    It is true that the obstructionism of the Republicans left Obama no choice but that was in July. Union workers have been waiting and waiting while business owners have been having a wonderful time. Even better for the business leaders, while a Democratic president was in office for fourteen months, the non-functioning NLRB was an even split, one Republican and one Democratic.

    I think "stepping up" describes what union workers across America did to get Obama elected. "Stepping up" describes what the union members who have been getting screwed for eight years by Bush did when Obama switched from his campaign promise of letting the rich pay for health care reform to taxing our health insurance coverage.

    But finally acting so the Supreme Court does not dissolve the NLRB is very far from "stepping up."    

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