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View Diary: Baker Schools Huckabee on Israeli Settlements (290 comments)

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  •  Too bad Baker did not school Cheney/Bush Co. (8+ / 0-)

    Is the mainstream and more moderate wing of the GOP beating back at its extremist teabagger element?  

    David Frum said HCR is a Waterloo for the GOP, not for Democrats.  Next thing we know, Frum is canned by the American Enterprise Institute for daring to tell the truth about the nut job Republicans who serve in the U.S. Congress.

    Bruce Bartlett, a conservative and economist recently wrote an article on that indicted anti-tax teabaggers for ignorance.

    The Misinformed Tea Party Movement

    This is a must read for progressives.

    I have absolutely no love for Baker, Frum or Bartlett.  All have enabled and supported the worst President in recent U.S. History, G.W. Bush.  Maybe if all had spoken up earlier, we would not be suffering the mind numbing challenges visited upon us by 8 years of Cheney/Bush Co.

    All three should absolutely step up and halt the voices of the extremists that they themselves enabled.

    One has to wonder if Baker are coming forward now to atone for their sins of omission or are they afraid all of them will be inextricably tied to a fringe element of nut cases who want to intimidate, hurt or kill people with whom they disagree.

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