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  •  City Council: get what's his name's ad guy (3+ / 0-)
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    greycat, The Gimp, kyril

    I can't remember what his name was (and I'm not having much luck Googling, argh), but there was a guy running for Congress who had hooks for hands.  One of his ads having a conversation with a guy in a bar, who was having a hard time opening his beer - so the candidate helpfully took the cap off with one of his hooks.

    The other one started out with a tall, handsome man saying "Hi, I'm SoandSo, and I'm running for Congress after doing xyz".  Followed by another couple of guys saying "No, I'm SoandSo, and I did abc".

    After a couple of those, the camera moves over to the next guy...and then has to pan down because he was a short man, and he says "I'm the real SoandSo, and while I might not look impressive, I did do all this stuff and am running for Congress..."

    Bugging me that I can't remember his name, because I'm sure his ads are still on Youtube.

    I'm a part of the reality-based community, not the personality-based community.

    by Uberbah on Sun Mar 28, 2010 at 10:13:40 AM PDT

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