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  •  Why I refuse to listen to NPR for the time being. (6+ / 0-)

    I was at just about five minutes ago. An ad for the program that I was about to listen to began to play, saying that "NPR is supported by Starbucks..." at which point I decided to stop listening.

    What you do is your business, but where I come from, guns kill people. I don't visit Starbucks stores anymore, and I refuse to support their products. I will not support any organiztion that supports them either. So, I sent a nice email (really -- NICE -- not sarcastically nice) to NPR's management, explaining my position, and how they need to think about whether they can afford to lose the support of progressives in this country.

    I don't like that Starbucks's employees are legally allowed to carry guns to work. I hope that many others here at DailyKos agree with me. But if you don't, it's okay -- just be aware of what you are doing when you buy their products.

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