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View Diary: Alan Grayson Rips the 'Liar' Alan Greenspan a New One (233 comments)

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  •  Grayson obviously has a problem (2+ / 0-)
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    3goldens, Badabing

    With the "other Alan" having a name so similar to his own.

    You know it's got to be a pain every time some clueless TV talking head introduces you as "Representative Alan Greenspan".  (Or "Grayspan", or "Greenson"...)

    Hey, if it were me, I'd be all over him shouting "change your name!  change your name!  change your #$@%ing name!"

    Greenspan can be Al, or Lanny, or Alano, or Humbertkin. Grayson can keep plain old Alan.

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