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View Diary: Education: A Race to Equity instead of the Race to the Top (55 comments)

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    I've had students go on to college--one even became a lawyer--yet, by the age of 30, many were back in the projects as single parents.  The problem is our society--not our schools.  We judge success differently on White Mountain than on Black Mountain--deferred vs. instant gratification--Beethoven vs Gangsta rap.  Family structure trumps good intentions--successful relatives help the next generation--contacts and social networks facilitate   employment.  The list is long--the malignant actions and neglect have centuries of force behind them--and no major politician dares be truthful--Not gonna happen until this issue is discussed openly by left leaners who are today afraid of sounding racist and/or defeatist.

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           Bill Cosby's Come on People ?

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        Bill Cosby has been attacked for telling the truth--with too few coming to his support.  It is so painful to find former students--top students--back in the projects living the life of third class citizens.  Some schools are bad, some teachers are bad, some administrators are bad, most of American History is also bad--but we have to keep quiet about that.  Oh, and soon, Texas will fix the history part of the problem with new text books and new "facts."

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          with Harvard professor Alvin Poussaint. It highlights cultural factors in the black community and is an exhortation to, well, come on people.

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