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  •  Selling Healthcare & Shooting Down Talking Points (0+ / 0-)

    And my final reply

    Condescending: ... See More

    "you want to resort to condescending wording and emotional rhetoric." or" You can get back on your condescending high horse and pretend you have a clue, but you clearly are too busy spouting your party beliefs and not willing really look at the flaws of this bill"

    • (I've noticed you've used this Condescending Word Twice, I assuming my approach to these conversations has bothered you somewhat. And if so, for that I apologize but if I can provide you with a technique that you might find useful it would probably be Thicker Skin. Thicker Skin is something you might want to invest in when you originate a comment to an individual’s that begins with an attempt to insult them because you see, from that point on you've basically set the energy on how the remaining conversations would take place)

    And you also might want to practice what you preach in terms of following the party line because everything you have listed and every comment you have made, indicates that you need to be in search of the nearest mirror because you have some major reflection and self-examination you need to work on.... There is nothing in your comments that has indicated to me, that you have been opened -minded in this debate, especially when you use words insincere words like Divide, because it showed that you followed the pattern of coming to the table not in good faith but with talking points...
    March 23 at 7:41pm ·

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