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  •  The bigotry against religion and (1+ / 0-)
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    silent no more

    religious observers displayed in this
    poll (and in the rather contemptible Bill
    Maher diatribes) show a remarkably ungererous
    and conterproductive side of some in the Progressive community. To coin a phrase:
    "You can disagree without being disagreeable."

    It is counterproductive because it may well drive
    away potential supporters and those with
    liberal sympathy/empathy who are offended by
    the Maher type of snearing (as displayed by his verbal ambushing of less then theological heavyweights in his ill-conceived movie) at their beliefs.

    For example, I haven't been a great admirer of many of the views of popes since John XXIII (and of their appalling moving of the church to the far right on many matters and failure to address and redress sexual crimes by priests (but I also acknowledge that the great majority of priests are innocent of such charges and I find Maher's juvenile portrayals of priests motives for joining the priesthood absurd. You go through years of training, give up chances to become rich, etc. for a chance to someday assault young boys??? That, unfortunately, could be done far quicker and easier by putting away some cash and flying to various disreputable places.

    Sorry for the rant, but I wish there could be reasoned dialogue and not childish namecalling and intellectual bullying (ala Bill Maher).

    P.S. The use of cursing at times in this forum in responses is less then classy and tends to show less then respect for both the person addressed and oneself.

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