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View Diary: Breaking: Terror strikes Russia-Update x 1-BBC reports 40 dead (342 comments)

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    I believe that we (Muslims, Jews, and Christians) believe in the same God, which is only one God.  Did I really need to say "I believe" for you know that I'm obviously talking about my personal beliefs?  And if somebody is monotheistic, then they believe in one God.  I'm monotheistic, so of course I'm going to say there's only one God, because that's what I believe.  If you or anybody else is polytheistic, then they can say whatever they believe.  I wasn't barring anybody from saying what they believe, so again, I don't see anything arrogant about it.  And if you still think it's arrogant, then everybody's belief or non-belief is simply arrogance, since we believe it to be fact.

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