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    True, but I would say THEY could avoid those catastrophes if their businesses were operated with more competence. I say "they" instead of "we" because I have no control over their success or failure beyond being a regular consumer. If, for example, I don't buy bread (which I don't), then I wash my hands of the failure of the bread industry to manage themselves and prepare themselves for their impending (hypothetical) doom.

    •  wait, wait, better example (0+ / 0-)

      I think I can illustrate my point a bit more eloquently:

      When I switched from whey protein to pea protein, I didn't give a second thought (nor do I believe I should have) to the fact that I was also switching protein manufacturers. Whether the whey protein manufacturer anticipated an increased demand for pea protein and acted on it is beyond my concern.

      I believe an economy should be viewed as a reflection of our lives. It's a conglomeration of data, after all. It's only our arbitrary equations used to grossly oversimplify that data that gives us the illusion of a holistic entity.

      •  Uh... (0+ / 0-)

        You lost me with the whey to pea protein thing... but hey -- whatever you want. What you are proposing, by the way, is pretty much how it works anyway. If everyone cared about whey protein, then you'd see people caring about it. As it stands, most people couldn't care less how they get their protein. In fact, I believe that the phrase "Hot Pockets" comes to mind...

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