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View Diary: Obama Administration redeemed, Florida Republicans destroyed. (305 comments)

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    Rian Fike

    You are crowing about this like it's some sort of victory for Dems and Obama.

    What I see, as a former educator in Florida who was lied to and screwed by Jeb Bush, is that teachers and students are once again being lied to and screwed by everyone.

    This isn't a goddamn victory for anyone. And frankly, as weak as Meek is and as crazy as Rubio is, I wouldn't be surprised if Crist ends up senator. Once upon a time I supported Crist and now I don't support ANY of these clowns. They are all losers.

    And the biggest losers of all? Florida's teachers and children. I'm not the only person of child-bearing age trying to get out of this state. I can't think about raising children here, I know the education system way too intimately. I'm thinking Florida needs to go back to being just for oranges and old people again, because it's a useless state, thanks to ReThugs running it into the ground for decades now.

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