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  •  as a matter of fact.... (15+ / 0-)

    Pistols equipped with cellphone cameras that recorded in both directions (facing the person holding it and the person it's being pointed at) would also deter someone from shooting an attacker who had been successfully deterred from attacking.

    Whatever happens, the evidence would be clear and immediate:

    a)  The would-be attacker is standing there with his hands up as his intended gay victim tells the dispatcher where to send the police, and the recording shows no harm done, or

    b)  The would be attacker lunges at their intended gay victim with a knife, and the victim shoots the attacker:  no criminal charge for self-defense against a viable threat to one's own life, or

    c)  The would be attacker is standing there with his hands up, and his intended gay victim goes aggro on him and shoots him anyway: the recording shows an unprovoked shooting, and the gay guy with the gun goes to prison for 2nd degree murder.  

    Someone I knew got stabbed in the back.  After he got out of the hospital, a friend and I had to change his bandages daily.  Owing to the characteristics of the stab wound and the required characteristics of the bandages, the victim's pain was sufficiently bad that he ended up taking narcotics, and not just the ones the doctor had prescribed.   You really really do not want to be in that situation.  

    Someone else I knew got gay-bashed even though he wasn't gay.  He woke up in the hospital.  The damage to his body, and the harm done to his mind as a consequence, were such as to be long-term.   You really do not want to be in that position either.  

    It's almost abstract until you see the consequences to another person's health and wellbeing.  Then they wish, and you wish, they'd had some kind of sufficient means to defend themselves.  

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