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  •  It's great to see you posting here (7+ / 0-)

    I've been familiar with the Phelps group since the early '90's-- horrendous people, but they do have the right to be horrendous.

    I agree with you about the selective outrage.  I noticed it myself.  It's like, hey, now that he's started protesting the good people, that guy needs to be stopped.

    I remember the "on your own" thing from when I was in college and I was being repeatedly harassed by anti-gay bigots and pretty much no one wanted to hear it.  That was in the 1980's and I suspect that while there's significant improvement, there's still a lot of bigotry out there.  I get stuck in my bubble sometime (my marriage is legally recognized both where I live and work), and I need to be shaken out of the perspective that things are good just because New England doesn't have as much institutionalized homophobia as the rest of the country.

    "The first rule of pillow fight club is that you do not talk about pillow fight club" -- Keith Olbermann

    by juliewolf on Wed Mar 31, 2010 at 02:39:15 AM PDT

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