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  •  My concealed weapon might make a diff for me. (0+ / 0-)

    Good defensive riding practices will protect me from those who are careless and in a hurry, though the drunks and the cellphone talkers may do me in. A nice, small firearm may save me though in the occasional case of a young macho-man road rage that I encounter. I am not sure whether a large number of people with concealed weapons has a deterrent effect or not, but I do know that having one myself would not be likely to result in it being used against me. Call me a psycho, but I have enough aggression that the hesitation to harm another person in my own defense, the hesitation that causes many handguns to be used against their owners, is absent in me.

    I was mugged once and there were three of them and one of me, but I still drew enough blood that the cops could take a sample. I was unarmed. Luckily, a guy walked around the corner with his dogs before they killed me, since my instinct to fight back was foolish as an unarmed pedestrian fighting guts with a pipe and a knife.

    Anyhow, my main point is that I want the ability to legally carry a concealed weapon. I will brush up on my shooting skills if given that right. I support concealed carry for sane, law-abiding citizens. I oppose open carry, since I think it creates a visually intimidating atmosphere and would result in a personal arms race.

    All of this is the POV of a straight white man. I cannot help but think that if I were in a group more frequently victimized, especially if I were gay, I would just go ahead and break the law and carry under the current law.

    Oddly, in my state, it is currently deemed "legal", though rare, to carry openly, but concealed carry is illegal.

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