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  •  My niece JUST got her 7 year old (8+ / 0-)

    daughter back after 18 months of hell, this past weekend.

    She is a child with ADD/PTSD and probably Bipolar Disorder, and her step dad spanked her, and left a mark. DCFS stepped in and took her from the home, charged my niece for failure to protect, no charges against the step dad, and they've bounced that poor girl around from foster home to foster home for a year and a half! One home being her grandfather, who has a history of abuse (including sexual)

    It's a long, horrible story. A little less than a year after she was taken, the step dad was diagnosed with and died of cancer, yet they still kept her away. That was 7 months ago. They were trying to say that my niece couldn't provide a safe home for her. There were numerous doctors who believed otherwise, but the doctor working for DCFS said that her daughter only had a behavior problem, not a mental health issue, and since my niece continued to try to seek medical help for a "behavioral problem", she should not be allowed to have her back.

    This child has been kicked out of 2 therapeutic foster homes. My niece is the only one who can handle her because she doesn't take her behaviors and meltdowns personally. (As any mother who understands mental illness knows)

    They finally assigned an attorney to the child, who fought to have her returned. This was done this week. But she still has 6 months (or more) of involvement with DCFS until she is released from monitoring.

    They continually challenge her. They sent the child home on Friday with 4 days worth of meds, no refill, and a stern warning that missing ONE day of meds could be cause for removal again. And they WILL be checking. So she had to take Monday off of work and try to get her into her psych to get a refill.

    The court ordered DCFS to arrange after school daycare for the child. When my niece called to get it started, that she had found a few places she wanted to look into, they told her not to worry, that was their job, they'll take care of it.  She waited, then, she called the week before the child was to come home, telling them that she needed to know what the daycare arrangements would be because the judge said the daycare had to be in place or the child could not come home. They told her that it was her job to do the daycare, not theirs. She can't expect them to do everything for her, she needs to be self reliant. All they do is pay for it. On Tuesday, she had given them the name of the daycare, but couldn't secure a spot for Monday until they had approval for payment. They hadn't done anything. On Thursday, she called, and they still hadn't done anything. She didn't get the approval for reimbursement till late Friday afternoon, and it was a rush job, and they acted as if she was putting them out for making them rush it. But the child would not have been allowed to come home without her daycare in place.  

    Those are just examples.

    The CPS system infuriates me.  13 years ago, I lost my children for 1 year because my ex husband sued for custody. He used a little known loophole and an Ex Parte order to gain custody without a hearing. When I went to court to have them returned, he claimed I abused them. The judge asked him if I was so abusive, why hadn't he reported it to CPS. So he did. It took me a year to get them returned, all charges dropped. But the damage to the children was irreparable.

    John Boehner thinks of himself as Ceasar. How about we change his name to Orange Julius?

    by second gen on Wed Mar 31, 2010 at 12:28:21 AM PDT

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