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  •  This FDR grandson was (4.00)
    a former associate commissioner of Social Security for Retirement Policy back in the late 90's

    And, he recently had this to say about Bush

    compared to his grandpappy:

    Where are George W. Bush's personal sacrifices? Where are the inspirational words meant to mobilize America now?

    Most importantly, Dr. Win the War (as FDR was called) met with the leaders of the Allied nations throughout the war to plan the peace. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, together with Joseph Stalin and sometimes even Charles DeGaulle, knew that military victory leading to an unplanned peace was hollow and potentially disastrous. Iraq today proves that their fears were well founded.

    Americans old enough to remember the 1940s--and those of us who learn from history--have a model of a War President. He is one who builds true cooperation with our foreign friends. He is one who is never the aggressor, but once attacked, involves even those closest to him in an all-out effort to win. And he is one who has a plan for the peace such as the Marshall Plan in Europe or reindustrialization in Japan.

    A War President isn't self-proclaimed. A president becomes a true War President by leadership that inspires followers at home and abroad. And most importantly, a War President never loses sight of the goals of true peace with honor.

    For Bush to grant himself this title is an insult to my grandfather and the inspired leaders who led this country in wars that were just. To put it simply, George W. Bush has not earned the right to be called a War President.

    •  Bush vs. other presidential dynasties... (none)
      Let's see...

      John Eisenhower (Ike's son) voted against him.

      Ron Reagan Jr. (son of you-know-who) endorsed Kerry.

      James Roosevelt Jr. (FDR's grandson) has denounced him.

      What next?  If Tricky Dick's daughters start speaking out against him, you'll KNOW he's in hot water.

      When you couldn't get a real journalism job, there's Fox News.

      by The Truffle on Fri Jan 14, 2005 at 09:03:07 AM PST

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