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View Diary: Roosevelt grandson blasts GOP ad (179 comments)

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  •  moreover (none)
    Bush is still framing this as "social security reform" because the "scoial security system will go flat bust" by the time younger workers retire. By bringing Reagan and his words about saving the system, it frames it for what Bush is truly trying to accomplish: destroy social security.

    We need to start ramping up the message on that front. We delay too long and the "reform" phrasing is stuck.

    •  Bush is framing the debate (none)
      and that is the problem.  We are reacting.  

      What we need to do, essentially, is minimally react to his ludicrous assertions (such as comparing his proposal to FDR...) and come out with a PLAN.  And when they react to our plan, we ignore them and refrain from negative speak and continue to present a more specific plan and present numbers and data to support our plan.  And we continue to drive that home.

      If the Democrats can quit wasting time reacting, devote energy to presenting and deciding what the issue will be, and refrain from negative attacks - consistently - I can't imagine how we could lose.  

      How long would the republican's refrain from negative reactive attacks?...eventially they'd just have to lash out.  People are sick of all the negative.

      Clinton gave us hope.  He was positive and he smiled and he would speak to a thousand people like he was speaking to one person, standing at a backyard bbq.  And he when he was telling you that the other side was f#&%ed up, he'd be smiling. Bush does the same thing (only he sounds and looks like and idiot.  apparently, body language is the seller here, folks)

      I mean, hell - Bush is in there now, ignoring both domestic and world opinion, and he's been able to do what he's done by ignoring all the negative and accentuating the positive (i.e., in his case, lying). Follow the lead, I say, if that is what the audience wants.

      Roosevelt Jr., though, can't buy publicity that good!  The guy was (is?) a Social Security Commissioner (Associate
      Commissioner for Retirement Policy Social Security Administration.) and active in the Democratic Party.  (Search Newsweek archives for his attack of our 'War President')  Go James!

      •  and.. (none)
        Kerry lost because he didn't have a plan for Iraq.  
        •  right on both posts (none)
          I get the sence that the point guys in the Senate, Reid and Baucus, are going to push hard to come out with a democratic alternative. We really need one, we can't just let the goons define things.

          And we need discipline. Remember Biden and Kerry tried this with the Iraq war resolution--basically a compromise that would have required a second vote authorizing a declaration of war. Gephardt deep sixed it by cooperating in the House version of the resolution. We can't have any of that this time...

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