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View Diary: Roosevelt grandson blasts GOP ad (179 comments)

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  •  Home Depot (none)
    God, didn't know Home Depot was such a big GOP booster. Won't be shopping there any more. Anybody got info on Lowes?
    •  Go to Loew's or Costco (none)
      According to Loew's gave 56% to Democrats. Costco gave %100 to Democrats and pay their employees a living wage along with excellent benefits.

      "Together we will stand every boy, girl, woman and a man"

      •  Glad about Lowes (none)
        I spent so much there last year, the staff at our local store started saying "hi" to me on the street.  ;-)

        We have a Home Depot, but they never seemed to have what I was looking for. Apparently in more ways than one.

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