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  •  I left this on your war diary (12+ / 0-)

    I wanted you to see it. I agree with this diary and that diary.

    The objective for the Afghanistan War was:

    I don't think the objective had anything to do with al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda was used as an excuse to the American public. Since the US had a pretty good idea where bin-Laden was and that location was not attacked until late in the game, there is no doubt in my mind that the objective had more to do with putting a different government in charge of Afghanistan than anything to do with al-Qaeda.

    Bin-Laden could have easily been captured or killed by a very small number of special forces troops. The likelihood of having to kill him could have been minimized. Capture and trial in the US would have ended all support for al-Qeda in the world.

    As to objective of the war, I believe that the purpose was to give Bush a reason for invading Iraq to make oil companies richer.

    As to WW II, the primary cause as John Maynard Keynes pointed out, was the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty created a situation where Germany's economy suffered dramatically. I remember seeing million mark bills that my grandmother said would not buy a loaf of bread. The German economy is what enabled Hitler to come to power. He then blamed Jewish bankers. The Germans then went after oil to help their economy.

    As to Japan, well Japan was after oil. They attacked Perl Harbor as a means of getting to oil in the Pacific and in Indonesia. American oil companies dominated the Indonesian oil fields. Hence the need to disable the US navy in the Pacific.

    Now look at the Afghanistan war in terms of oil. Gee an oil pipeline to get oil out of what was formerly the USSR may have been one of the reasons for the war. Oil was certainly the reason for the Iraq War.

    Unfortunately oil still rules.

    Practice tolerance, kindness and charity.

    Practice tolerance, kindness and charity.

    by LWelsch on Sun Apr 04, 2010 at 03:27:50 AM PDT

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