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View Diary: Alan Grayson Faces The Limbaugh Onslaught... Again (189 comments)

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  •  This is great comment added to a great diary-- (6+ / 0-)

    both should be highly rec'd.  Where did your brothers visit you?  Go Sir Alan, Go!

    •  I was in college in Kent, Ohio living in (13+ / 0-)

      married/parent student housing. My brothers would come from Cleveland (the ghetto) and stay with me the whole summer because they aren't much older than my son and they were like brothers.

      The bullies rode up on bikes to my brothers and my son who were outside playing and they just started randomly talking corny, kid's-movie-bully shit to them. My brothers couldn't believe it at first because they come from the 'hood of hard knocks where everything is real and nobody talks like the kid's movies. They were amused at first. They thought the bullies stepped out of a Little Rascals episode. I can't remember the whole story but they started bothering my son who was the smallest and that's when my brothers lost it and started spewing ghetto, scary expletives and chasing them on foot as they were slipping off their bike pedals and trying to get away. My brothers never touched those kids. They just basically said "boo" and the bullies turned from tough to jello in a second.

      I think Grayson gave the right wingers ample enough time to stop with the propaganda and they didn't so now their all clutching their pearls and turning to jello by the words of a non-bullshitter named Grayson from the ghetto. I want all Dems to get some 'hood in them, like Weiner and Barney Frank as well. Immediately. :-D

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