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  •  We the people and the paradox (2+ / 0-)
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    JupiterIslandGirl, ozsea1

    Dearest ozsea1 . . .

    I think that if we wait for such balance we lessen the likelihood that we the little people will do what we must to be the power we have and are.

    Had the people not taken to the streets, I suspect we would still be in Vietnam.  Over the decades, we have allowed ourselves to be more and more complacent!  For me, if we think we are defeated for we do not have the cash, the corporate capabilities, then, we are!

    Americans are and have been easily appease.  Give me a car, a great home, no new taxes, and I am fine.  We do not care for our neighbors’ plight, especially if they are poor.  We shun what we do not wish to see.  I think the people, as they act on apathy and a sense of being powerless, as the average American chooses to be now, is the greater paradox.

    For years, before the bombs blasted on the terrain in Iraq, I have stood at the Peace Corner, first in California, now in Florida.  For the last months, I am usually the only person who stands vigil for global tranquility.  Granted, people have time constraints and much they need to do.  Also, when individual think they cannot afford to take an hour to pay homage to the many who fall . . . I ask, when do Afghanis and Iraqis have an opportunity to leave the ever-present war.

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It is only the giving that makes us what [who] we are. - Ian Anderson. Betsy L. Angert

by Bcgntn on Sun Apr 04, 2010 at 02:42:40 PM PDT

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