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    Adam B, goblue72

    And supervising clinician (and as a law student, a clinic participant helping tenants exercise their rights) I am so glad you posted this diary. I read this on this morning and freaked.  It reminded me of the already-successful gutting of the LSC and hamstringing of its lawyers by Reagan.  First, get folks riled up about the "bad cases" they are bringing which "unfairly" hurt "legitimate business" then so severely restrict them that they become completely ineffective advocates for systemic social change.  

    I am a little troubled that there are some comments on this thread that actually don't grasp that, seeing this as a "my taxpayer money" issue.  Tt is absolutely not about the tax payer funds which SOME clinics get (most are part of law schools and are, therefore, funded out of school's endowments same as any other teaching program).  It is instead all about the fact that, having successfully hamstrung large firms with the resources to bring these cases by spooking them about what will happen if they are even caught in a "business/positional conflict" situation, businesses are now aiming both barrels at the last effective advocates for combatting health and safety issues -- whether food safety or housing safety at a systemic level:  law students under the supervision of clinical attorneys, who have no "positional conflicts" to stay their hands.

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    by shanikka on Tue Apr 06, 2010 at 10:20:22 PM PDT

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