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  •  You mean other than? (1+ / 0-)
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    She's running against the candidate with the endorsement of the Governor, 20 years experience running statewide, the open support of the Senate leadership and the DSCC?

    And you can't figure out how those things might have hampered her fundraising?

    •  Oh God, the MO of Brunner supporters (0+ / 0-)

      blame it on the evil establishment. Let me spell it out for you, according to, Brunner has raised $660K for a senate run in Ohio. Strickland and the DSCC can't stop all money from flowing to Brunner, and if she, by some miracle, wins the primary, she won't automatically get gobs and gobs of money to magically make her financially viable against Portman.

      Campaign fundraising matters, and doing as poorly as Brunner has done in fundraising speaks poorly of her ability to run a campaign (and blaming it on the "establishment" means that you guys refuse to put the blame where it lies, with the Brunner campaign).

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