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View Diary: Misogyny: The Real Root of Opposition to Late Abortion (99 comments)

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  •  The thing is that most catistrophic conditions (7+ / 0-)

    incompatible with life can't be determined/found until around 26 weeks gestation.  That puts it into 'late' abortion.  I do not think women should carry a pregnancy to 'term' when the fetus has no chance of survival after birth.  The FAR right wants these women to carry the pregnancy because it's icky for them to see a woman obviously pregnant one day and not the next without carrying the results in her arms.  What about the fetus that has the gaul to die in the 5th-7th month gestation??  They now must be surgically removed or chemically induced labor.  One is extremely dangerous and evasive the other is emotionally traumatic to the woman.  If Stupack's amendment had gone through, women would have to pay for routine gynocological care out of pocket instead of being covered by insurance (or pay for a separate insurance policy) because the treatment for these conditions are the same as that used for early term abortions.

    For the majority, it's about control, not compassion for anyone but themselves.

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