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View Diary: 36 Still Images (Wikileaks Iraq Video & Update from Wikileaks) (77 comments)

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    yet another liberal, hulagirl

    The firebombing of Dresden was a crime.

    Total war has no place in law or ethics. It may be a brute reality--but the brutal truth cuts both ways; those who participate in it in the way we saw are still criminals, as are those who covered it up, declaring that everyone there was an insurgent--oopsie, except for the two who Reuters could absolutely affirm were journalists (and "we" will just sweep them under the rug, since they were with "insurgents").

    I've watched this--I've watched the scene where the claim is that there are 5-6 AKs. I can see one.

    War crime. Hopped up on hate and/or adrenaline doesn't constitute a defense. Just an explanation. Still a war crime.

    "The human capacity for goodness makes democracy possible, but it's precisely the human capacity for evil that makes democracy utterly necessary." Gary Dorrien

    by ogre on Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 10:45:16 PM PDT

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