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View Diary: The (Jewish) NYT is Crucifying the Pope!? (145 comments)

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    If people can't hear dog whistles, then why did Rove and Reagan use dog whistles for all these years? Would you claim that when Reagan kicked off his campaign in Mississippi calling for a return to states' rights that any racism that Blacks saw was only in their minds?

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      My point is that in a case like this, where it is such a tremendous stretch to imagine that a dog whistle is being blown that it is unlikely that the "dogs" would even recognize it, it makes more sense to go with the more likely explanation, which is that there is no anti-semitism in Dolan's speech.

      It's one thing to go to MS and give a speech to a bunch of right-wing good ol' boys invoking "state's rights".  There's no mystery about what that means, and the primary reason for that is the motive of the speaker:  Reagan wanted white racists to know he was with them.

      In this case, there is no reasonable explanation for why Dolan would be calling out Jews.  

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        How would an anti-semite not recognize the inflammatory rhetoric used? In other words, even if we accept for the sake of the argument that Dolan's speech is not anti-semitic, the dogs in this case would certainly see him as one of their own.

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