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View Diary: The (Jewish) NYT is Crucifying the Pope!? (145 comments)

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    "Dolan was explicitly quoting anti-Semitic texts"??? He was referring to imagery from the Gospels, which are among the holy books of Christianity. (By the way, they were written by Jews.) Asking Christians to repudiate the Gospels is like asking Jews to repudiate the Torah or Muslims to repudiate the Koran.

    You clearly are just too ignorant even to participate in the discussion you yourself initiated--without immediately displaying your complete lack of understanding of the subject.

    So what's it going to be next? Would you like to discuss Islam and avail us of your ignorance on that subject? Or would you prefer a more secular topic? Since you launched into this subject without knowing anything, I'm sure there's an abundance of subjects you know little or nothing about but could comment on extensively.

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