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    It's also widely used to download FOSS (such as Linux distros) and other legitimate uses.

    I don't see any need to "separate the fight". Those who violate copyrights should be (and are) pursued through the legal system and/or finely targeted technical solutions. I really don't think this is a substantial reason that ComCast was doing what they were doing (among other things, IIRC, interjecting spurious RST packets into TCP connection streams).

    That said, traffic shaping and/or throttling is legitimate -- but it should be done based on data rate/quantity parameters that a broadband provider really should care about. For example, I'm okay with charges per GB, and/or throttling all traffic to/from a customer when usage exceeds some level over the past N days, and/or limiting the rate and amount of data that can be sent with QoS etc... (All, of course, fully disclosed and enforced without regard for the suspected content of the data).

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