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View Diary: FBI Still Stuck in the Tron Age (152 comments)

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  •  Working for NSA (3.66)
    We always had access to decent stuff.  Once outside of that and into the military intel world, particularly when I was in the training command, things got progressively worse.  NSA - being the haven of researchers and compsci geeks - went UNIX early on and invested heavily in Sun workstations.  The rest of the military went Windows and while NSA continued to creak along and paid oodles for a workstation, they were almost always functional and (this part is key) they encouraged workers to get UNIX smart and write their own scripts to take care of automating as many tasks as possible.

    Once you were in the field and under military IT and budget, it was Windows and security was a nightmare.  Innovation was discouraged and networks were pretty crappy.

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