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  •  ah ha! (none)
    That's what I was searching for. There's gotta be a story in there about donations and receiving contracts that are never followed through on.

    When I saw this reported on the news last night, the first thing I thought of was how Halliburton continues to f-up but still gets contracts. I wonder who the President of SAIC is and who he donated to. Could this feed into the "Bush Rewards Failure" meme?

    •  Ken Dahlberg (none)
      Gave $2K to GWB and $5K to SAIC's PAC.  Info found here

      We fight on. We fight for ourselves and the people who do not have a voice.

      by mlk on Fri Jan 14, 2005 at 10:16:36 AM PST

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    •  A new contract (none)
      was just awarded to SAIC through my agency (not defense). I can honestly say that they won because the proposal that they submitted was head and shoulders above rival proposals. I know because I was one of the reviewers.
      •  so they talk a good game (none)
        I,m curious about the follow through, though. I would question their track record based on this and some of their Iraq contracts...there's a link in one of my comments near here...

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