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  •  From my first college programming class (4.00)

    I really hate this damn machine;
    I wish that they would sell it.
    It never does just what I say
    But only what I tell it.  

    If the contract was written in 2001 as a response to the 9/11 crisis, it would have to have been written in a mere sixteen weeks during a period when the FBI had other legitimate priorities.  The "hodgepodge of antiquated computers and paper files" would make for a logistical nightmare in itself, and the New, Improved Data Warehouse would need to import all of it.  It would also be very difficult for the stakeholders to specify what they want, see the demo, and then tell SAIC what they really wanted within that 16 weeks.  

    •  Preceded 9/11 (none)
      In fact, I remember Freeh testifying about the program (or at least the general effort) at the 9/11 hearings. The plan was in place in 2001 before the attacks.

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