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View Diary: New Study: Race plays large role in Tea Party anger (285 comments)

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    I was just telling somebody earlier that I grew up in a place where being afraid of people gets you no respect. Nobody is afraid of racists least of all. They dont even come within a 5 mile radius of our hood. I pop off on racists and tell them where to go and the look in their eyes is fear and something else....helplessness. Why should they look and feel "helpless"? I think they wish they could beat me down with impunity like they used to do. Make me drop my eyes like a 5 year old under the threat of physical harm or death and apologize to "sir" while dying inside. I'm a million miles from that.

    It's their fault. They should have never let us get so "gangsta" while our deferred dreams were festering in the disenfranchised and barren hood. "Gansta" is good for many things. Just ask Alan Grayson, one of the most "gangsta" Senators I've ever seen.

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