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View Diary: GA-Gov/GA-Sen: Dems Competitive In Govs Race, Not So Much In Senate Race (26 comments)

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    Barnes has a big deficit with educators in the state, but Perdue has probably made them even madder recently---which is what they will remember.  And one well known fact about teachers: they vote in large numbers.  Barnes has lots of money, thanks to his prior term, his contacts with the monied, and will be helped by the fact that all the sane people in this state, even if they lean Republican, are fed up with the GOP.  Which isn't saying much because there are a whole lot of people who are of the Fox-News-is-All-the-Truth-we-Need ilk.  

    But I'm thrilled to hear Oxendine may be slipping. Electing him would be horrible on so many levels, even though he's probably just the most ethically challenged of a rather slimy Republican field, with the exception of young Scott Austin (possibly has a good future; hits most of the right notes to pull in independents) and Jeff Chapman.  Chapman is a decent, hard-working senator who helped save Jekyll Island from some crazy "re-development" that Perdue wanted funneled to his good buddies Mercer and Jamie Reynolds. Of course, Eric Johnson (another ethically challenged candidate) and then on Jekyll Oversight Committee as well as head of Senate Ethics committee could find nothing wrong with that plan---not to mention his failure to investiage House Speaker Ricardson's affair with a lobbyist.  But, hey, what's the big deal when Jamie Reynolds is on your finance team?

    The best two Democrats who are also hard-working candidates are Poythress and Dubose Porter.  Either of them would make a good governor, and if either makes it into a runoff with Barnes, I would vote against Barnes. Because of his many years in the state legislature, Porter would probably do the best job of dealing with his former colleagues.  He has excellent positions on education, transporation, and the environment.  Moreover, he constantly SHOWS UP (I personally saw him at an environmental film festival, a Sierra Club event concerning mountain-top-removal mining, and the Conservation Voters breakfast.)  Poythress and Austin Scott were the only other candidates to show up for the breakfast.  

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